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Rely POS Cloud Restaurant POS
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Rely POS | Online Restaurant Point of Sale

Rely POS works on Restaurant Touch Screens, Macs and PC's, Tablets and Phones.
Use Rely POS in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Android.

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Online Restaurant Point of Sale

Touch Screen POS

Rely POS works on all sorts of Restaurant Touch Screens. Restaurant POS Touch Screens use Windows as the operating system, making the transition to Rely POS easy and seamless.

Mobile POS

Use Rely POS with your Windows 8, iPad, Android Tablet or Phone. Use our Apps or Mobile Website.. You can even use all of them at the same time. With Rely POS, you dont need special hardware.

Printers & Cash Drawers

Use our Cloud POS Printing Program to integrate your POS Printers and Cash Drawers. Our program is flexible for any integration. Install our printing app iOS or Android to connect printers to your mobile devices. More info...

Easy to Use

Rely POS is a website so you control it. Set up your own menu, employees and settings from anywhere. Use the link to your Restaurant POS on your PC, or use our Apps for iOS or Android.

Access Anywhere

Rely POS is a website, it's a true Cloud POS. So as an owner, you can login from anywhere. For added security, you control the location where your POS is used and who can use it.

Advanced Reports

Rely POS has the standard reports, Sales, Inventory and Payroll. For more control, see who's clocked in, and check on what has been voided or discounted. You can check on your reports from anywhere.

Online Ordering

Rely POS has built in Online Ordering. Orders go directly to the Kitchen Printer. Rely POS is great for take out and delivery. With Rely POS you can customize online ordering to look like your own website.

Integrated Marketing

Rely POS has a built in email service. For more customized emails and social media integration, we are integrated with Constant Contact

Accept Credit Cards

Rely POS integrates with many processors making accepting credit cards easy. Check out our Integration Options or sign up for Cayan now for the best Credit Card Processing Rates!

No Contracts

No Contracts

There are NO CONTRACTS with Rely POS, you can cancel at any time. You can even suspend your service and start it up again at a later time.

No Hidden Fees

Rely POS has NO HIDDEN FEES, your subscription plan is all you pay each month.

No License

With Rely POS there are NO UPGRADE FEES or LICENCE FEES. Grow with us, enhancements are FREE!

Restaurant Trends

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Frequent Point of Sale Questions

Why do I need a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

Studies that shown that a Restaurant Point of Sale can increase revenues by 20%. Rely POS is simply the easiest and best option to get started quickly. With Rely POS you don't "Rely" on anyone else. You can set it all up yourself.

What happens if the internet goes out?

No Problem! Rely POS will continue to work over a cell network HOT SPOT *Sold Separately. We don't require a Static IP or any other expensive internet option. Rely POS has been optimized to work on ANY internet connection.

Can I use my old touchscreens and printers?

Yes! In most cases you can use your current Restaurant Touch Screens and POS Printers and Cash Drawers. When you sign up with Rely POS, you get complete support, including getting your Windows touch screen software up to date, and installing the printer drivers.

How many workstations can I have?

With Rely POS you can have as many as you need. Adding a workstation is easy, simply LOG ON. That's it. Many of our customers use iPads and Laptops as standby. You can also add mobile phones by simply installing the Rely POS app.

Printing with Rely POS

Manual POPUP Printing

Use our NO SOFTWARE printing solution for easy configuration. Simply select Manual Printing in your Control Panel and when you are using the your POS system, when its time to print, a popup will appear, Press Print on the Popup. Thats it!

Fully Automatic Printing

Rely POS integrates with POS Printers and Cash Drawers. For fully automatic printing configured for your specifications, we can install our Cloud Supported POS Printing software. Our Cloud POS Printing software is installed on one or all of your PC's depending on your needs. Our Printing software is Fully Customizable to fit your needs.

Printing with Apps

For Mobile printing with a LAN or Bluetooth connection, install our printing app on your Apple or Android Device. Printing Apps available Fall 2013

Star Micronics Printers

We are Partners with Star Micronics. Star Micronics offers the best Point of Sale receipt printers and kitchen printers. We support for all of thier printers. You don't even have to buy them from us!

Credit Card Processing Options

Credit Card Processing with Cayan

Cayan allows you to securely process all forms of electronic payments including credit, debit, EBT, rewards and gift cards, and checks with Rely POS. Cayan is fully integrated with Rely POS and setup and support are always FREE. $100 low cost merchant account guarantee.

Sign up for Cayan now for the best Credit Card Processing Rates!

Credit Card Processing with Bridge Pay

Rely POS is integrated with the Bridge Pay Gateway. You can integrate credit cards with Rely POS if you have an account with Bridge Pay and one of the Processors listed below. Bridge Pay is a PCI certified gateway and offers P2PE.

Bridge Pay Certified Processors:

  • First Data
  • Heartland
  • World Pay (2014)
  • Mercury
  • Global Payments
  • Chase Payments
  • Chase Paymentech Canada
  • Vantiv
  • Element Express
  • American Express
  • Certegy
  • Give X
  • Campuss Card / Dishout
  • TSYS Terminal

Non-Integrated Credit Card Processing

With Rely POS you can use any credit card processor you choose. You can use Rely POS to track all of your credit cards even if you use an outside device to process your credit cards. During business hours, use a separate device to process credit card transactions, record those transactions on the pay screen in your pos, and at the end of the day, reconciliation is easy.

PCI Compliance

Never worry about PCI Compliance again! No more expensive upgrades to be in compliance to get the best rate. With Rely POS, credit cards are NEVER stored on your computer, or ours. We use P2P Encryption technology over the web, so the swipe data is safe.

Cloud Restaurant POS for your Restaurant