The Importance of the Proper POS Hardware Selection

Posted by Anne Smith on January 31, 2012  •  Comments (64)  • 

online restaurant pos expertThe Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system is a POS software program that is ideal to use in many different restaurant environments. Since the POS software keeps track of all restaurant operations, transactions as well as the preparation of reports with all the gathered data, the selection of the perfect fit to your restaurant is imperative. The Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system is able to be easily configured to suit the particular needs of any restaurant. In addition, there is always the right POS hardware to select.
A restaurant needs the right POS hardware to make sure that the POS software is able to present its maximum level of performance. For instance, although the Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system does not need any special POS hardware, it would work its best with the Rely touch screen POS terminals and associated accessories. If you have settled on the Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system as your restaurant POS, then you are in luck as they also offer a great range of POS hardware to fit in with the program.
Communication is important within a restaurant. The waiting staff or the counter staff has to take orders accurately and to communicate them with the kitchen to get them prepared. There was a time when this was done with the aid of writing orders down on bits of paper. However, with restaurant operations speeding up, customers have little patience with delays and errors caused due to misinterpreted orders due to unreadable handwriting. In fact, messed up orders can have dire consequences in some cases. In order to prevent these, the Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system employs instant order communication between the counter and kitchen POS terminals. Since the menu is already specified, the chosen items and any special requirements can be accurately transmitted to the kitchen. This way the time spent on walking back and forth between the kitchen and dining areas will be saved.
restaurant point of sale user Whatever your restaurant operation model maybe, the receipt printers can be of exceptional assistance when the right ones are selected. The Rely POS receipt printers are ideal for busy counter service as they require no complicated set up procedures or software installations to get started. Rely offers thermal receipt printers that are much more efficient at printing receipts in comparison to impact printers. They utilize special thermal paper and all you have to do is to put in a roll when the paper runs out. In addition, the thermal printers are also much quieter in comparison to impact printers. You can combine the thermal printer with a Rely cash drawer and credit card reader for excellent counter performance. Rely's cash drawers are created with the rugged counter environment in mind and therefore, will withstand heavy usage for a long time. As for the credit card readers, they are also created to perform with speed and to be easily integrated with the rest of the Rely POS Online restaurant point of sale system terminals and accessories.

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