Abacre Vs Rely POS

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online restaurant pos expertAbacre is a POS software system that allows restaurant owners to keep track of the comings and goings of their restaurants in greater detail. Rather than settling for traditional accounting that will take countless hours of calculations and require a great deal of attention to keep things in track, a POS software program is the better suited restaurant management system of the future.
If we are to run a comparison of a leading POS system such as Rely POS along with Abacre, we are bound to see many differences that define each program's performance.Both Abacre and Rely are supported by hardware made by leading manufacturers. Another similarity would be that both systems are ideally designed to prevent fraud and theft from taking place at any time. As it is standard with all POS systems, Abacre and Rely POS both keep excellent track of sales, requests and the allocation of employees for certain tasks throughout the restaurant. In addition, both POS software programs allow the restaurant owners to keep track of operation while they are away from the premises. This means that you can see whether the employees are working as they should be while they are far away from the premises. It also has to be mentioned that both of these systems are customizable to be integrated for different types of restaurant environments. For instance, it doesn't matter whether you operate a Chinese restaurant in Chinese or whether you run a diner that offers table service, both Rely POS and Abacre POS are easily adapted to all situations.
Although there are many similarities between the two software programs, it is important to understand that there are also several clearly defined differences between the products. For instance, Rely POS is a cloud based POS system that allows you to save all of your important data within an external server that allows you greater assurance of the data. In addition, cloud based systems are much more cheaper to operate and keep records on in comparison to regular server techniques that require a large cost as well as equally large resources to be maintained. When it comes to Abacre, the backups are stored within an internal servers or storage media. Although this is a solid system that has been in use for many years until the advent of cloud based systems, it still requires a great investment to maintain. If the backup is damaged in some way, then valuable information could be lost beyond recovery. This is not something that a restaurant owner can deal with.Rely POS also offers a great range of affordable accessories that will allow restaurant owners to run the business more easily. While it can be run on all regular computers, being equipped with the relevant accessories will create a more efficient performance and after sales services.
restaurant point of sale user In conclusion, it can be pointed out that Rely POS is definitely a system that is better suited for the future.

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