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online restaurant pos expertAs with buying any equipment that would help with the efficient running of your business, equal or more importance needs to be given when choosing a good point of sale software system, as this is where all your data will be stored and your transactions will take place from start to finish. You would find that several companies offer point of sale software solutions. Here, we will look at two such products.
When choosing a good point of sale systempos, you need to keep in mind that budget and functionality are the two main factors you need to consider. Making the wrong choice would cost you quite a bit if you want to replace your software after finding it unsuitable for your type of business. You would need to carefully consider the needs of your particular business. This would include the number of transactions you need to deal with on daily basis at a point of sale, whether you require any hardware pos terminals and other devices to run the software for point of sale, the type and speed of your internet connection and any other specific features for your business such as those required for the printing of guest checks, placing of orders and so on.
The next step is then to consider your options. Let us first look at Aldelo. Priding itself as the 'new era of point of sale', Aldelo offers restaurant management solutions that are simple yet highly effective. Aldelooffers a variety of products for various operational purposes depending on the type of your business. You would find solutions for efficient processing of payments, keep track of liquor stock and sales and also allows you to follow real-time orders being sent to the kitchen. It also allows you to promote the items on your menu by advertising incolorful pictures and information.
restaurant point of sale user In addition to the pos solutions offered, Aldelo also provides services such as training and programming should you need them to aid your employees.
With Rely pos however, you would find that the interface is much more user-friendly thereby making it a good option as your employees will be able to navigate the system with ease. Rely pos also has four different point of sale solution plans on offer , and all at affordable prices in order to ensure that you have the choice to choose what's best for your business according to your budget. The starter plan is the cheapest option with basic features for a point of sale system, whereas the enterprise plan is ideal for much larger business with a lot more transactions and business functions.With Rely pos, you will find that all payments are processed through a secure system. Any accessories, hardware devices, and software integration assistance that you may require are also provided by Rely.
It also refers to itself as a 'traditional pos system' as opposed to Aldelo, and this is of course a great advantage as it keeps to the original concept of point of sale requirements while using technology to ensure speed, accuracy, and security!

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