PCI Compliance and Your Restaurant

Posted by Anne Smith on January 31, 2012  •  Comments (64)  • 

online restaurant pos expertPCI stands for Payment Card Industry. What does PCI have to do with the restaurant industry? With restaurants of all shapes and sizes being integrated with POS of sale systems, it is only fair to say that PCI compliance is definitely important to the success of any restaurant. The bottom-line is that if your restaurant process credit or debit cards for payments, your billing and payment system should comply with the PCI standards. Being PCI compliant is an important requirement of many industries. It is no longer acceptable for a store or a restaurant to perform their services strictly for cash payments. Since more and more people are carrying less and less cash in their wallets, it is important for restaurant owners to gear up and to be prepared for the approaching cashless society.
PCI compliance is directly linked with the point of sale system. Needless to say, it is important to select a POS system that allows restaurant owners to keep track of PCI related matters as well as the rest of the restaurant operations. When it comes to cloud based POS systems such as Rely POS, it isevident that the program offers PCI compliance out of the box. It has actually become an industry norm to accept payments via credit cards and debit cards and Rely POS, being one step ahead of most other POS programs, is definitely on the right track to become the ideal restaurant management system of the future.
Being PCI compliant is not all roses when it comes to restaurant management. This is why it is always necessary to be equipped with the right kind of POS program to make sure that the compliancematters are taken care of without any hassle. There are many POS programs out there and most of them come with PCI compliance. However, it is always necessary to pick a program that does not require frequent upgrading to keep up with the evolving PCI compliance requirements. The main advantage of Rely POS is the fact that it requires no upgrading in the future as it runs on the cloud. In addition, it is necessary to understand that a PCI compliant point of sale system always has to be secure in order to make sure that the credit / debit card transaction details are always safe from unauthorized access. Restaurants in particular, need to be exceptionally careful when it comes to handling PCI related matters as a large number of people are dealing with payments and transactions at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to fast food restaurant where the serving is done by many different servers and payments are made by many different forms as well as different terminals.
restaurant point of sale user What you need for your PCI compliant restaurant is a POS for sale system where the network is completely safe from data loss, unauthorized access, andmanages to keep flawless records with every single transaction. For Rely POS, all of these requirements are standard features and will make sure that your restaurant is managed and maintained properly for years and years to come.

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